iMSTK Haply and Unity integration

When building the iMSTK with the USE_HAPLY flag and BUILD_FOR_UNITY , I’m getting an error on the Visual Studio build phase of iMSTK regarding the Haply rule, even though the CMake project is being generated.

I’m setting the Haply_SOURCE_DIR to the built /haply-api-cpp.dir/Release directory in the CMake installation process.

I don’t know whether it is a problem about the compatibility of the BUILD_FOR_UNITY and USE_HAPLY flags for the iMSTK build, if i’m getting the wrong directory for the Haply cpp lib, or if it is a version compatibility problem.



There’s at least one thing I can help with here, the C++ API you are using is not compatible with the devices you are using.

To grab our latest C++ API, please see here, this should include everything needed to build the project.

Let me know if that solves your issues.

For reference, this was resolved.

We just merged our update from 0.0.4 to Haply Hardware API 0.0.5 today in iMSTK (for surgical simulation with Haply). The Haply pen still does not work at rates suitable for most simulations. But you can run without the pen.

Haply has yet to be integrated into our Unity interface. Does work in C# with our wrappings. Should mostly be a matter of UI options to swap the device in Unity.

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Thanks for the update Andrew, we will give it a look.

As for:

We will look into the issue and see how we could resolve it.