Release of the version 0.0.8 of the C++ and Python API!

I’m happy to announce version 0.0.8 of the C++ and Python API!


You can find the release information on our new developer hub:

  • Version 0.0.8: Hotfix
  • Version 0.0.7: Support for upcoming wired handles.
  • Version 0.0.6: Internal improvements and cleanup with only minor externally visible changes.

You can also find brand new usage examples of the C++ API hosted on our GitLab.

Python API

We’re still working on having proper release workflow similar to our C++ package so, for now, I’ll summarize the changes here:

  • Includes all the changes of the C++ API as it’s built on top of it.
  • Now properly manages the GIL which should improve responsiveness when the API is doing blocking IO operations.
  • Added bindings for the new C++ device detection functions which return lists of COM ports:
    • HaplyHardwareAPI.detect_inverse3s()
    • HaplyHardwareAPI.detect_handles()
    • HaplyHardwareAPI.detect_wired_handles()
    • HaplyHardwareAPI.detect_wireless_handles()
  • Various internal cleanups and improvements that are not externally visible.

As before, the package is made available through PyPi and can be installed using the following command line:

pip install HaplyHardwareAPI
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